Our garden

Hello again!

I wanted to share some pictures of our garden with you! All spring and summer long, I have been busy weeding, planting, plucking, harvesting, watering, and so on. This year, I have a much (much) bigger garden space to work with than I ever have. I’m still doing some healing and Daniel has been busy building our tiny cabin (he’ll update with pics soon!), so I have had to really pace myself in my workload, doing just a little bit of work on most days. Sound familiar? So many huge, seemingly insurmountable projects can be successfully completed, by just tackling a little bit of the work at a time.

Some of the things that we are growing in our veggie garden: broccoli, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, sugar snap peas, corn, kohlrabi, beets, carrots, turnips, radish, lettuces, kale, cantaloupe (this is a new one for me!), and cabbage. We’re also growing herbs; chamomile for fresh tea (my absolute favorite), mint, lemon balm, dill, oregano, & cilantro.

We’ve been able to grow a great deal of our own food this summer, which is incredibly exciting. Daniel & I have grown gardens together since we were first dating! We started our first garden together in Daniel’s Grandmother’s backyard 13-14 years ago, and have had a summer garden together ever since. We bit off way more than we could chew that year and really never learned from that experience, rather just kept doing it year after year in our own gardens, learning along the way!

Aside from the fact that it can be really fun, and tastes delicious, we actually save a lot on groceries by growing our own food each year. Additionally, working in the garden is excellent for mental health and stress relief - enough so that many people refer to it fondly as “dirt therapy”.

If you live in an apartment, or have a small backyard, don’t think that growing plants or your own food is out of your reach; you really don’t need a lot of space at all. Container gardening, growing from your balcony, porch, windowsill, or even buying an inexpensive grow light can help you grow in your own house or in small spaces. Even if you grow a single carrot or head of lettuce, it’s an incredible way to connect with your food.

What’s your favorite thing to grow? What grows best where you live? What do you like to cook with it? I know we have some gardeners here! Show me what your growing so I can nerd out on your plants!!

More pics in the comments below!