How much is too much when you're trying to conceive


I'm a big fan and have been using Fitness Blender for years. It has totally changed my life! I come from a family where obesity and heart disease are prolific and I always thought poor health and an inability to exercise were in my genes. Not true! Thank you for showing me how amazing regular exercise is and inspiring me. I have never been so fit and wish I discovered this in my 20s!

Anyway, I'm starting to get my body ready for conception. I'm having trouble getting my period back after coming off the pill after many years. I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to find the right balance.

I use your workout programs and try to do five workouts a week. I'm wondering if that's OK to continue with, given that I've been doing that for several years, or whether I should replace some of those workouts with less strenuous exercise?

Any advice would be much appreciated.