New FB Plus Workout: 48-Min Circuit Style Upper Body Strength with Cardio Bursts

Good morning FB Family!

This week is moving rather quickly for me – anyone else? Whenever I read through all your workout suggestions, there are plenty requests for upper or lower body focused strength workouts (I do tend to focus on total body workouts). So here you go!

Circuit Style Upper Body Strength with Cardio Bursts

If you liked the format of the 52-minute Circuit Style Strength Training with Lower Body Cardio Bursts, then you will enjoy this workout as well. This upper body strength routine will challenge you both mentally and physically! Most of the strength exercises are combination moves; therefore, you will complete two moves per exercise and thus increases caloric expenditure and recruitment of your core muscles. Take postural breaks and/or set down the weights to reset your form and relieve grip tension as needed. You will see me reset my form several times in the video. Bring a set of light and medium weights and challenge yourself! Make sure to read the write-up first for a few important tips on form for some of the exercises. As always, push yourself within your means – safety and enjoyment are our top priorities.

If you’re in the mood for a total body adventure, check out Kelli’s new 30 Minute Bored Easily Total Body Strength Workout. I’m already plotting on how I can fit this workout into my FByay schedule. That being said, I am still working on completing the You Against You Challenge but also being very mindful of making time for extra recovery when filming workouts, too. Plus, I’ve been enjoying some outdoor activities that help improve my mental health and give me an opportunity to chat with friends. I am very flexible with my schedule right now given all these variables but still just as dedicated to finishing out the challenge on my own timetable! How is FByay coming along for everyone else?

I have a long list of workouts that I want to film! Keep the suggestions coming – I make note of everything and so many of your ideas are “in the works.” There are several formats I haven’t even touched yet along with many spinoffs of the ones that have already been filmed. There are so many opportunities!

I hope you enjoy the workout! As always, let us know what you think and if you feel so inclined, share a photo of your best upper body flex in the comments.