Booty/Flex Challenge combo - Day 13 complete!

Today was freestyling core workouts between Booty/Flex Challenge days. Thanks @Shelly for these excellent workouts suggestions! :D

1) Main workout (35) - a fun, interesting Pilates, standing abs, traditional core, exercises, and plank variations combination workout with Kelli that hit all the core muscles well. Although not labeled as BE, it felt like a BE format and the time flew by!

2) EC (10 min) - a short, yet very effective Pilates core workout with Daniel. It's definitely worth doing as a short TA activation workout prior to non-Pilates core workouts (like glutes activation before LB strength workouts).

Tomorrow is the last scheduled day of the Booty/Flex Challenge combo - a BE Flex workout with Kelli, which should be fun. The Challenge feels like it has gone by quickly, even with stretching it out into 3 weeks to include Core workouts.

It's hard to decide what to do next. The body is feeling like it needs a little break, but stretching isn't relaxing, so the Reach Challenge is probably not the best option. Perhaps the Fundamentals Challenge or the Short & Sweet Challenge could good for a deload before jumping back into something more challenging? Any suggestions?

Hope your hump day is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)