NEW FB Plus Workout—Unconventional Stretches for Back Pain

Fitness Blender Family!

We're excited to release a new video from Kayla today.

Unconventional Stretches for Back Pain

We were thrilled when Kayla, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, began to write Expert Articles for us. She quickly became a valued FB Team member and her articles, both free and Plus, resonated extremely well.

One request we kept hearing, however, is that you wanted video instruction to go along with the amazing articles she was writing on a wide variety of movement-related topics. Well, we heard you loudly and clearly, and so did Kayla.

Even though she didn't have much experience in front of the camera (though you'd never know it, right?), she dove in and started to think about how she could provide follow-along instruction for some of the topics she was covering in her articles.

Two weeks ago, we released Kayla's first video, Circuit Routine for Diastasis Recti (DR), and today we're already releasing her next video.

Today's workout is actually a response your requests from an earlier mini-series we published on back pain, and demonstrates how to do five unconventional stretches that were described in Understanding Back Pain (Part 2): Five Unconventional Stretches for Back Pain To Try Now.

Before jumping in, however, you might want to read through Understanding Back Pain (Part 1): Finding the Real Source of Your Back Pain again, because it shares some interesting information on the kinetic chain, which is a guiding concept in physical therapy.

We're thrilled to have Kayla on the team, and that she's diving into some important topics for us, with both articles and video! Let her know what you'd like to see next.

P.S. We have several new content creators joining the FB Team as we speak, so be on the lookout for some great additional content coming soon!