Meal 🥘 planning day 2

So today I used the calendar feature to schedule this recipe:

We have a lot of summer squash in our garden so I used that instead of broccoli and tomatoes. I also, in keeping with my efforts to make my picky eater kids happy, kept the food items separate. The veggies stayed in one tray, the shrimp in another, and the pasta stayed in its pot. Then I served it buffet style. The kids don’t like cooked veggies so they ate from the veggie platter that I’ve been putting out every day as an option. My son requested red sauce for the pasta so I put a can of it to the side and let the kids pour it on their servings.

So my hubby and I are really the only ones who ate the dish. And we both loved it! It’s simple and makes the veggies taste so yummy.