NEW (free) Lower Body Strength Workout: Butt and Thigh Burnout

First of all, huge shout out to Tasha for creating her first FB Plus Challenge—FB Plus You Against You Challenge that went live yesterday! Such a great addition to the challenge library.

So, with August already off with a bang, how about a new free video today?

Lower Body Strength Workout: Butt and Thigh Burnout

Do you love the kind of strength training that gives you a cardio workout simultaneously? Well, with these quick-timed strength intervals, which are ideal when you don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to your workout session, you’ll be getting just that. Lift to challenge yourself, and you’re likely to find yourself covered in sweat in just 10 minutes.

Actually, this workout was filmed on the same day as this Sweaty Lower Body Strength Workout with Cardio Intervals, and if you’re looking for a burnout round, we recommend pairing these two together for a workout that leaves the lower body muscles nice and toasty. The combination of those two workouts should leave you sore, but the best kind of sore.

We’ve heard that many of you like to use our shorter workouts to make custom workout combinations of their own, 5-20 minutes at a time. We’d love to hear if you do this. Do you have any favorite combinations?

Whenever you tackle this one, pat yourself on the back for showing up for yourself - every little bit of exercise counts and adds up, especially when the 10 minutes are focused, intentional, and use a powerful training style like strength training. We hope you enjoyed this workout; let us know what you would like to see next!

Remember, we have three new FB Plus workouts coming your way later this week:

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