FB Plus YAY Challenge Tomorrow

Getting (and staying) fit takes time and hard work.

While it is important to understand (and embrace) this, the good news is that once you realize how great working out makes you feel and how it positively affects your health and wellness, you might just find yourself developing an amazing, lifelong habit.

Even with a wide variety of at-home workouts, programs, and challenges to choose from here at Fitness Blender, we’re always excited to put out great, new content. Speaking of...coming your way tomorrow is our 20th FB Plus Challenge—2-Week FB You Against You (YAY) Challenge!

Take a look at our full list of FB Plus Challenges.

We really think that you’re going to love our latest Challenge, which was designed by our new Certified Personal Trainer, Tasha. In a very short time, Tasha has become such an amazing part of the Fitness Blender team, and we cannot wait to show you what she’s come up with for this YAY Challenge, which includes many of her routines, with a sprinkling of Kelli and Daniel.

The 2-Week You Against You Challenge provides a physical and mental opportunity for you to put forth your best efforts in a competition against yourself! Channel your inner competitive athlete to bring out your best performances while completing four, fast-paced HIIT and strength-focused workouts. Like an athlete training for “Game Day” events, you will use the other “Practice Session” workouts in this challenge to improve your strength, balance, endurance, restorative movement, and recovery methods.

Workouts range from 20 to 48 minutes, averaging 32 minutes a day. A set of medium and heavy weights will give you the best options to kick up the intensity of your workouts or scale it back as needed.

The challenge drops tomorrow (Sunday) morning, and could be a great way to start your month of workouts. And if you’re not yet an FB Plus member, you might want to consider taking advantage of our Surprise Summer Sale, which runs for just a couple more days, but allows you to get 35% off of all our eGift Cards, which can be used to purchase FB Plus memberships, Workout Programs, or our calendar-based Meal Plan.