Extended Summer Sale and Preview of FB Plus August Challenge (by Tasha!)

Okay, so our Surprise Summer Sale is coming to a close. We scheduled it to end tomorrow (July 31), but by popular demand, we’re going to keep it running through Monday, August 2 (or August 3 for some of you ahead of us by time zone!), so you have two additional days to get 35% off of all eGift Cards.

One reason you may want to make use of the final days of the discount is another surprise. We have our monthly FB Plus Challenge coming out (that will bring us to 20 FB Plus Challenges available with an active membership)—and this one is going to be a burner.

You asked for it, so Tasha is bringing us our next challenge. If you have done some of her individual workouts already, you know you’ll be in for some intense “fun” - yes, we’re calling it fun.

The challenge she’s created is called the FB You Against You Challenge, or FBYAY for short. It is a physical and mental opportunity for you to put forth your best efforts in a competition against yourself! We’ll give a bit more of a teaser tomorrow before the FBYAY launches on Sunday, August 1.

Get ready, everyone...you’ll want to add this one directly to your calendar.