Booty/Flex Challenge - Day 5, LB HIIT+Pilates - complete!

2 new favorite workouts today! :)

The main workout was a HIIT+Pilates w/ bands workout with Kelli which surprisingly challenging. The short HIIT was doable, especially thanks to alternating between jumping exercises and non-jumping exercises. There were a few unique glute-targeting exercises like seated hip aductions from 3 different angles and Seated Psoas March (added bands for more challenge since those muscles are fairly strong). The glutes and legs were burning by the end!

Since the scheduled EC has been done before (and is a favorite), tackled a not-yet-attempted Pilates combo flow burnout (13 min), which is definitely a new one for the favorites list. Half Side Plank Dip + Side Leg Lift + Toe Touch Kick and Froggers combined with Backbows and Hamstring curls - quite challenging! Combining different exercises made it a lot more interesting and challening than usual.

Overall, today was fun and surprisingly challenging - a great way to end the week! :)

Looking forward to tomorrow's scheduled Flex workout - an UB strength training with a twist + burnout. :D

Hope your week is ending well, and happy Blending everyone! :)