Strength training break now all about the hiit!?!?!

Hi blenders!

Hope you’re all well.

Thoughts please….I’ve spent the last 3-4 months (maybe longer really) doing solely strength training (maybe with a quick 5min hiit thrown in)…I think I’ve built up some pretty good muscle and occasionally I catch it winking at me 🤣🤣….

I’ve just started today bodyweight rd1. I’ve done it before and remember loathing it because it was primarily hiit and cardio. I think I’m in a different place now and want to give it another bash…just wondering, does it make sense to focus more on hiit and cardio for a bit to shed fat to show off my semi hidden muscles I’ve built? Is their method in this madness or am I completely making it up?

Just wondered if a step away from strength would change things up for my body a bit and an up in hiit/cardio might shed some layers of fat?

Any thoughts/opinions as always gratefully received. Xxx