#WorkoutComplete! 😁

Hello Blender Peeps!

I hope everyone is doing well or as well as they can be and also having a good weekend so far.

I got another workout complete! I'm really happy and I feel great! I feel some soreness already and my endurance still has a long way to go BUT I still managed to get it done. I had to modify with this one and even replace certain exercises with my physical therapy ones. I have been incorporating my therapy routine into the workouts I do which is really helpful when I can't do certain things or need to modify.

To anyone who still may feel this way there is NO SHAME (no matter your gender) for modifying, modifying the moves that you modified (meaning if you modified a difficult move and the modification is still too hard and you do something easier than that/modifying the move you modified. Makes sense?), or not being able to do certain or all the exercises. Do what you need to do (except cheat) to get through your workout if you can. Being in this situation has taught me so much and I know I have gotten technically 2 workoutcompletes if you only count FitnessBlender workouts and not physical therapy stuff. I truly now understand modifications and substituting exercises. I have NEVER substituted an exercise before which is interesting.

Another thing I'm learning and doing better on is my core. Keeping it tight and when I'm doing floor core things keeping my back (especially my lower back) on the floor. This is one of the main things I've been learning to do in physical therapy as I have mentioned before. Keeping my back straight, core tight and always being mindful of it. Doing that has helped me correct my form and even modify in ways to keep my core in and back flat. Unfortunately but fortunately it made me realize how little I "cared" about my core form before my pains started happening. I wouldn't say I didn't care but the mindfulness wasn't really there and I would just push through stuff I knew full well I had a hard time doing especially when doing the more advanced versions with poor form. That's a big NO-NO if you ask me. Now I modify while working on my form.

Well anyway here's what I did:



For this one I know it says "cardio" but I did no jumping because I'm nowhere near ready to. I had to modify while moving pretty slowly to be honest. If I move too fast my knees will feel discomfort or even hurt a little which is progress. That sounded weird I know. Before they would hurt altogether and I wouldn't be able to workout at all. Now if I move slowly but with good but limited form I can do certain workouts. There wasn't any intense knee bending either. So VERY shallow squating and where there were lunges I did a small stepback not too far. For the walkdowns I still can't put pressure on my hands so I just did toe taps or shin taps.

Main Workout:


This one had a lot of modifying, slow moving and substitution but was overall fun to do. It was also a new one for me. I added this to my favorites a while ago but never got to do because my pains started. Now I can kind of.



This is one of my go-to cooldown videos. Everything is 30 seconds and I feel like it covers the whole body. I had to modify with stretching too. It sounds weird because some people wonder, "Who modifies when their stretching? You must be really weak." That's not the case at all. If only everyone understood. Sometimes it's necessary right?

Also, something I noticed. My right side is more tight and stiffish than my left. I have more range of motion on my left than my right. There are stretches I don't really feel or I feel a little on my left side that I feel immensely or a lot of on my right. That does mean my right side is more stiff doesn't it? I am working on that. OR does that mean something is wrong with my left side? I do all my stretching correctly if anyone was wondering and go towards my own personal flexibility. Any thoughts?

Sorry this and my other posts are so long. I always end up saying more than I plan. Thank you for reading anyway if you did. I appreciate it.

Have a Blessed day! (It's the evening where I am.)