New Free Workout: 37-Min Cardio Interval Kickboxing Workout

Good morning FB Family!

I can’t believe we’re already more than halfway through the month of July! Hopefully everyone has had a great month so far enjoying workouts but also taking some time for relaxation and restorative self-care. I’ve certainly been increasing my focus on stretching and active recovery days (I love my sunset strolls!) to counterbalance the wear-and-tear of filming workouts and running. Speaking of workouts, we have another workout for you, and it happens to be my first free one:

Bodyweight Cardio Interval Kickboxing

This quick-paced 37-minute cardio interval kickboxing workout packs a punch! And some kicks. And possibly a burpee. You get the full effect of interval training: high intensity efforts alternated with recovery intervals that force the cardiovascular system to quickly adapt to fluctuating demands in energy production. The kickboxing combos are very short so that you can make the most of each working interval, and I include a variety of options for the kickboxing-inspired cardio and strength moves. Make sure to pay close attention to your form and read the workout write-up for a few additional tips!

I forgot about the special kind of soreness that comes from kickboxing. There’s evidence that I have not taught a kickboxing workout in over a year sprinkled throughout the video in the form of pops and creaks coming from various joints (I’m surprised I kept a straight face). And that one moment where I may or may not have almost fallen. My biceps, upper back, hips, and abs were feeling this workout the day after (and even a couple days after that). Nonetheless, I am proud of myself! Something I started practicing a very long time ago – I never trash talk myself about my performance before, during, or after a workout. Any effort is a great effort! This mindset has kept me consistent with movement and away from the “all or nothing” approach that often paralyzes us into not moving at all.

I recommend the 20-minute Active Upper Body Stretch Workout-PNF Stretch Routine for the Upper Body as a great way to loosen up any tight upper body muscles after this workout. This workout also prompted me to read the Why Your Tight Hips May Not Be So Tight After All article – super informative and got me thinking about my posture while seated and throughout all my workouts.

I hope you enjoy my first free workout! Making sound effects while throwing your punches and kicks is optional. The fun is guaranteed.

See you on the screen!