Red Dan Plan – Day 1 check-in

Hello hello!

I had two nice rest days over the weekend and properly charged my batteries for an eager start of this two-week red-shirted-Daniel plan leading to a 1000cal (more about it and full schedule here )


DAY 1 – Lower Body Strength and HIIT

A great start! Both videos are my long time favorites but I never combined them till now. They work really good together imo. Several same exercises appear in both to give a nice feeling that the second is a burnout for the first. I titled the day "Lower Body Strength & HIIT", it turned out more strength, much less HIIT, which is not a bad thing at all! (still a sweaty mess at the end)

What I loved about the first:

- Such type of strength training that really truly works either way – with or without weights, thanks to the long intervals and high number of reps

- Tiptoe Squat! (I don't remember seeing it in any other video than this)

- Ace Ventura hair! 😁 I love the videos from that phase (a girl's gotta have her silly pleasures)

I kinda feel this video is underused by FB. By structure, it could be part of Bored Easily program (but isn't), it could be included in the Bodyweight programs (but isn't), especially since this one is ST specifically designed and performed bodyweight while in the BW programs on ST days they sometimes used videos done with weights stating they work just as well without (sometimes felt debatable?) ... And with its duration it could be in any of the FB30 programs, which again, it isn't. In fact it is not in any of the programs I own, and I have all pre-Plus programs except Fit (1) so a little shoutout once more – this is a mighty fine beginner-friendly short bodyweight lower body strength video! (full with warmup and cooldown too) ... Ah yes, it could also be in the Low Impact programs.

What I loved about the second:

- In such a very short time, it still has a feeling of a full workout, not sure how exactly, maybe by the number of exercises squeezed in and the structure

- The shortness of intervals and constant exchange of ST/cardio allows you to really give a 100% on HIIT without killing yourself

What I was thrilled about in both (but this is just personal preference and hopefully not forever) – they are totally easy on the wrists, have zero exercises from plank position.

So! Day 1 complete! I'm not sure if anyone else decided to start this today... If yes, yay, welcome aboard! What did you think?

(p.s. oops, got a little extra chatty and I said last week the check-ins will be short lol 😛)