New FB Plus Workout: 33 min Bored Easily HIIT with Strength Finisher

Good morning FB Family!

We’ve got yet another new workout for you:

Full Body Bored Easily Bodyweight HIIT with Strength Finisher

This challenging HIIT/strength workout with no repeat exercises will fly by leaving you feeling both breathless and accomplished! Your goal for the cardio HIIT circuits is one minute of consistent, moderate tempo movement when completing the first two exercises back-to-back with no rest. The 30 seconds of recovery that follow are for you to mentally regroup before the last exercise in each circuit, your “full throttle” move. After each circuit finishes with this all-out, high cadence effort, you have 30 seconds to rest before you start the pattern all over again. Gauging whether you are working hard enough or not during the HIIT circuits is straightforward: You should feel as if you need every 30-second recovery interval.

The strength circuits in the second half of this workout challenge your muscle strength, endurance, and balance with several variations of isometric muscle contractions. The tempo change from quick to slow muscle contractions makes for a well-rounded engagement of the target muscle groups and a full body burner to finish out the workout.

I had so much fun creating and filming this workout (and laughing at my corniness while editing the video). I love varying the intensity, focus, and modalities of my own workouts but had never completed a no-repeat style workout before filming this one. The “one-and-done” approach forced me to focus on quality form and a consistent effort throughout each working interval. Knowing that I only had one chance to put forth my best performance was truly motivating! I foresee additional “bored easily” workouts in my future (and yours).

If you enjoy the varied speed of movements in the strength finisher, you might also like the 20-minute Tempo Bodyweight Strength Workout, another bodyweight-only workout perfect for travel or vacation. Also, we don’t exhaust any particular muscle group in this workout so a great next-day workout challenge would be the 50-minute Controlled Upper Body Strength and Negative Burnout – I’m certainly eyeing up this workout! I spy a few exercises that will help me continue building my strength for my push-ups journey.

Right now, I’m tweaking a kickboxing workout but also planning a few other strength-based workouts. A practice for punches and kicks is definitely in order for me! Have fun completing this workout and beware the bears, alligators, and pigeons. I can already feel your glares during the bear crawl segment. Not to worry, the pigeons are less daunting than the other animals. Play around with tempo, range of motion, and feel free to swap out exercises for ones that work best for you!