New FB Plus Challenging Lower Body Strength Workout with Negatives

Good Morning everyone!

Well I have a companion video for you today that is a great workout to do in conjunction with the Controlled Upper Body Strength with Cardio and Negative Burnout that we released last week. Both of these workouts use negatives, so if you tried the upper body strength workout we released last week, then get ready to have your legs feel the same type of wiped out. You can find the new FB Plus workout here:

Challenging Lower Body Strength Workout with Negatives

However, I should warn you that this new lower body routine uses negatives for every set and not just the last one, as with the upper body routine, so be ready to have some very rubbery legs after you are done. If you are getting a bit nervous, don’t worry you can always do this routine with bodyweight only, and turn it into a toning routine instead of a strength/mass building routine.

What else do you all have going on? Kelli and I are in full gardening mode up here in the PNW. Berries galore and just starting to get our first tomatoes and zucchini among other produce. Let me know if you would like us to share garden pics.

As always, enjoy the new workout and let me know what you think.