Hi! I am a mother of 3 children (teenagers) I have been overweight for the last 15 years. Yup, after having my first child. My lowest weight was 128 as a teenager. Heaviest was 300 after my second child. I managed to get down all the way down to 215 a few years ago but then life happened and stress was overwhelming. I have lost all motivation. I do not have time to go to the gym. I came across this website from a post on myfitnesspal. Signed up yesterday and did my first 12 minute video today! It was a good workout. I did sweat. Though I feel good I finished the video, I still feel horrible about myself. I hope I do not give up this time. The weather does not help either. Today my goal was to start the Couch to 5k program but it snowed and we do not have a treadmill. :( Seems like every time I want to start a new program or begin losing weight something always happens.

Anyways, my hobbies include reading, spending time with my family and hiking. I LOVE TO HIKE!!!! I love nature!!!!

Thanks for your time!