FB Fit Round 3 Complete 🥳

The short version of this post is that I just finished FB Fit! And though it took me longer than I intended, I still finished, and I’m feeling notably stronger than when I started. I’m recovering faster after tough workouts, lifting heavier, and doing mostly advanced versions of most of the HIIT exercises. Big little victories! I'm excited to share what I've gained, in the form of new workouts.

The rest of this post is a bit of a ramble but I thought that something I just experienced could be helpful to other people in similar situations.

I was enjoying balancing filming new workouts and working through FB Fit but then life struck. A beloved family member and lifelong fixture in my life passed away and all of the sudden all previous priorities and clear thinking went out the door.

Grief impacts all of us differently. For me, it can come with physical impacts, or at least a severe impact on energy levels, mental clarity, and motivation. I felt like my body was an overfilled sandbag and my heartbeat felt heavy and sluggish. This, my friends, is not the best time for HIIT, or aiming for a personal record.

I took some time off of structured exercise, instead spending some much needed time with loved ones, sharing stories, and eating good food.

I know some people find peace in a really tough workout when things get hard. I know that feeling, I experience the same, sometimes. But if you don’t feel that way, don’t feel guilty. It's a good time to drop the “should” narrative and instead take a minute to really turn inward, ask yourself what you need and do your best to deliver.

Intense stress, anger, and grief can cause physical states that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the kind of training and intensity level of your workout - these things cause a different kind of strain on the body and the wisest approach is not to just keep pushing.

In the future, I would love to have some of our Experts write on this at length because it's a very real thing and having an understanding can help you navigate when it’s smartest to push yourself hard, and when you should really treat yourself to either rest or very gentle movement.

The last workout of FB Fit made me feel so strong. It was a 1000 calorie workout that we filmed a year ago. The first time through that workout, I barely made it through with low impact mods, using only bodyweight. When I tackled it this time around, I outlifted myself, and did the advanced version with most of the HIIT - even adding an extra challenge in the form of a resistance band. It was a great reminder to me that even when my workout schedule doesn't unfold the way that I've planned, there are still gains being made from every direction, as long as I keep plugging away at it.

There is never any reason to panic over missed workouts - one, because it’s really just not that big of a deal, and two, because there are far more important things in life, and *those* things - good times with the people we love and rich life experiences - are what we’re really training for.

Program complete 🥳