FB FIT vs 2 months of Burn/Sweat/Blend

Hi Blenders,

I'm looking for some advice on a program to choose to get started on my FB journey this year. I've completed FB Sweat in the past and felt stronger, leaner, energetic and healthy.

Last year I focused my workouts more on barre/ballet (5 days 45 mins each day) because I'd joined a ballet class once a week and wanted to cross-train to improve my technique. After almost a year, I still love that modality of working out and dancing but I miss the functional fitness and overall fitness, muscle gains and reduced bodyfat that FB delivers for outdoor activities and everyday life. It's summer and I want to get back to FB while still doing ballet/barre (low impact) thrice a week. So my mind was at doing FB 30 along with my barre - FB in the morning and barre in the evening OR one long morning session. I've worked on my nutrition and already eat clean, whole foods and I enjoy working out.

Today, I'm motivated to attempt FB Fit, as a physical and a mental challenge but then what's holding me back is overtraining because I'd be working out almost 2 hours most days which I know is doable but is excessive. My heart says FB Fit but my mind says FB Blend/Sweat/30/Burn and I can still tackle extra credits when I have energy. Will the results from doing FB Fit be different to any of the individual programs for 4 weeks each making up to 8 weeks? Is FB FIt not suited for cross-training?

By now, I know that building consistency is paramount. Thanks for reading my long wordy post :) I'd love some suggestions.