Need help in deciding a program!

Hi! I am new to this community and looking to buy a program. I seek some help deciding which one to pick.

I am 29, had been exercising on & off since 2012 and used to be an advanced exerciser, when it came to home-based interval training workouts.

Lately, I have put on a large amount of weight (+ 25 Kilos in last 1 year) and I wish to drop that in the next 6-8 months. I aim at losing approximately 66 lbs in the next 30 weeks.

The programs that have worked wonders for me in the past are mostly 30-40 minute circuit workouts that constituted a blend of HIIT, plyometrics, strength, cardio & some isometric stretches on active recovery days or were done in isolation.

I wish to get something along those lines, because I believe this pattern will help me stay consistent, keep motivation and ultimately give results.

Taking into account the fact that I have lost a massive amount of strength (can do burpees & pushups but not like what I could do previously), Can anyone please help me decide what to pick?

My current choices are: - FB Complete, FB Blend & FB 30 Round 4

Coming to equipments, I have a pair of 4 Kg & 5 Kg dumbbells.

Thank You!