New FB Plus Challenge: FB Reach + New Workout Video

Good morning FB Family!

We've just launched a new FB Plus Challenge! This new 2 Week FB Reach Challenge uses posture, mobility, and flexibility work, alongside Pilates, stretching and foundational core exercises to create an easy-on-the-body blend ideal for building a strong base and improving range of motion. This challenge is gentle enough to combine with any other program, to improve flexibility, mobility and the mind-body connection.

As of today, FB Plus comes with 18 unique challenges/programs - that's a whopping new 36 weeks of unique programming to choose from and use however you please. If you have requests for July's new FB Plus Challenge, be sure to share them now!

We also just published a new Plus workout - this one is tough but really fun, and sure to challenge your strength in all kinds of new ways: 42 Minute Upper Body Strength with Alternating Repetitions and Cardio Intervals

On a personal note, I'm tackling Day 19 of the newest 4 Week FB Fit Program later today. I'm excited because since I started this program about a month ago, I've noticed that any delayed onset muscle soreness is much less dramatic and when I am sore after a workout, it passes much more quickly. This shift obviously benefits my health and life, but it will also help me with my work! Once I'm finished with FB Fit, I plan on tackling this new Reach Challenge as well. Anyone else starting into this new challenge soon? Or are you working on a different program, or different goals?

I hope you're all having a great day - let us know what you would like to see next and how else we can be helpful!