I am a convert!!

Hey fbf!

As you probably already know I hate core workouts with a passion. They are boring, either hurt too much or not at all, and I’d rather spend my time working on a body part I actually enjoy.

But recently it got to a point where there was a noticeable imbalance in my strength and I thought I should at least give core another shot...

Fitness blender 2 week Abs has completely changed my perspective on core workouts. First off it’s the perfect length so I do not have to feel anxious about loosing mass gains. Second, it was actually incredibly varied and fun and for me contained heaps of new workouts. Third it gave me the opportunity to accept that while I am advanced in all other areas of my training, I am a beginner in core and so I shouldn’t expect myself to complete the advanced version for the whole 50 second interval! Finally, it helped that I was able to view this as a challenge and trail rather than an obligation or set in stone way of training. It seems for me I tend to give my all to things when I know I’m just experimenting.

In terms of results, my core strength has 100% improved over the two weeks and I do have way more ab definition (mind you I was on the smaller side before this and trained for fat loss 4 weeks prior).

Overall, I am a little sad the two weeks is almost up (CRAZY!) and am definitely considering repeating the program.

8/10! Would recommend 😁👍