A new favourite programme

I used to think that my all time favourite FB workout programme was the Bored Easily programme. However, the new FB Complete programme just knocked it off the list.

I’m in awe of the FB Complete programme. On those days I am feeling lazy, the fact that I have a scheduled less intense alternative, becomes an absolute motivator.

The biggest advantage for me is that I have 3 programmes in one 😊. Most days in this programme have 3 workout options, meaning the next time I come back to the programme I can do the alternative workouts. Keeping me even more motivated.

Thank you Kelli and Daniel for this programme. It must have taken you guys so much effort to make this one and still offering it at the same price tag, that’s amazing!

The bored easily programme is now a close second. It’s about time it left the first spot as it is my most repeated programme (almost 8x 🤭).

Who else shares the same feeling?