How to supplement workouts with fitness blender


I am looking for some ideas/support to how to integrate FB workouts into a blend with other activities.

A little bit of background info- I am 46.5 year old and relatively healthy/strong.. I walk, do daily Qi Gong, and yoga (not hot yoga). I am a vegetarian.

I started with FB a few years ago, and worked through the 3 short free 5 day samples, as well as FB Blend (twice) and Abs 2. I enjoyed it, but found that the HIIT was too much for me, and that I seemed to bulk up, instead of tone (some of this could have been due to diet). I stopped for about a year and a half and have been working with my naturopath to restore energy, support my nervous system, as I have been quite depleted.

I decided a month ago to start with FB low impact 2, and have enjoyed it. I was doing it every day and then last week started to integrate my yoga practice in (I think it was after one of the HIIT days- where I was just whipped lol), and have moved to doing it every few days. With one week left I am trying to figure out how to best incorporate some FB, in with my regular yoga practice, and daily walking (1 hr).

I am pretty clear I don't do well with the HIIT, so not sure if a FB 30 program would be good for me, as they seem to have the HIIT in it.. Or would it be better to just do 1 day arms, 1 day legs, and 1 day all body.. I think 3 times a week would be optimal to support my strength, without overwhelming me... Any other ideas? Suggestions?

Thanks so much for your help :)