NEW FB Plus Workout!

Fitness Blender family!

As promised, we have a new workout for you today.

Pilates Combo Flow - Fluid Exercises to Strengthen and Stretch

This FB Plus routine is a bodyweight-only mat workout that combines multiple Pilates exercises into a single set, for a fluid routine that tones, stretches, and strengthens throughout a wide range of motion.

The continually changing repetitions provide an opportunity for a quick active rest for the specific muscles responsible for any given movement. Because you’re not working any one particular movement pattern to exhaustion, this kind of movement can feel really great on the muscles - especially sore ones.

Give it a try and we'd love to hear what you think. If you'd like to see a longer version of a similar workout, just let us know.

Keep this in mind as you jump in—we know that it can be a little different/difficult to remember, count, or coordinate moves, but sometimes trying things that feel unfamiliar and slightly outside of our comfort zone can be great for progress, in all kinds of ways.

Good luck, everyone! We hope you enjoy it.