For Weight Loss, which Program Should I pick? FBFit, Blend, or FB Booty with Flex?

I will be finishing FB Abs this week, and I've liked it so far. It's manageable enough that I can add my own burnouts and get to around an hour of working out. It was more cardio based than I really cared for, but I noticed a change in body composition.

I really want to try FBFit/FBBooty because I like strength training more. Ab workouts can be torturous at times because I get bored pretty easily. The only thing is, I want to see a change on the scale really badly. I've done weight lifting in the past, and the scale stayed the same until I switched over to FB Abs. I'm not sure what to do. I really need to lose weight (obese) for my health, and being at a lower scale weight is better, but I like the way my body feels with strength training.