First attempt at growing our own veggies and herbs

Hi Blendies,

I've been working out with FB since 2016, got my daughter Yuna to join recently but I've got no luck with hubby. He is supportive though in my quest of eating healthy, that's why he decided to try and grow our own veggies and herbs.

As you can see in the photos the tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers are growing well. The melons are starting, so it's looking good. Even the herbs are off to a good start. Rudy (hubyy) has been wanting to grow some rare type of melons. He's been trying to get seedlings of Japanese Yubari King and Shizuoka Melons but hasn't had any luck so far. Either he's doing something wrong or the seeds that we have are too old. So if any of you know here has some tips on growing these seeds it would be a huge help to us!! 😁

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear about your gardening experiences. [:🌱🌱