My own "1000 kcal" combo, under 70min

Do you guys also LOVE to pick your own 1000kcal workouts??

I don't do this a lot because I don't have time to a 1000kcal workout a lot, but from time to time, I love to do so!!!

The lasto one I did, was that:

1 (HIIT):

2 (cardio + upper body workout):

3 (Lower body strenght):

Some of the reasons I really LOVE this combo:

- It end up being more intense than the oficial 1000 kcal videos (since the first 2 videos were made to be a complete workout by their own, they tend to be harder when put togheter)

- Time-saving: one of the reasons I like to put my own 1000 workouts, is that I choose more "time-effective" calorie burning workouts, by not including the core section, and adding some cardio with the upper body strnght!

- Every muscle of your body will burn so good... Sometimes we just want to really challenge ourselves and put a good burn!!! As this HIIT is VERY lower-body intensive, plus some cardio with the upper body, the 10min lower body is enough to make your lower body jelly!