Achieving goals while listening to my body

I DID IT! For the second time, I (98%) completed FIT R2, my favorite workout program! 💪

This time, I was able to do it in 8 weeks like it's planed.

1. I was on lockdown for the first 6 weeks f the program making it super helpful (no worries about when will I wash my hair 😂)

2. I am way more fitter than last year and I didn't need to take extra break days - thank you K&D!!!

3. I switched some things around, like take a rest day on a week day and left the recovery for sunday. This was really helpful to conjugate with my work and uni schedules

However, this week I had to skip one of the 1000 calories workout and the PTF cause my knee is killing me and I don't know why! 😭

I've decided to take friday through sunday to rest, do some hot&cold treatment and monday I can tackle my PTF (a perfect day to do it since I'm really excited about the new round of FIT, I'll definitely do!!)

In the end, I'm really proud of yet another workout program complete. This week could have gone better because I love doing the 1000 calories workouts, but like we preach in this community so often: sometimes we need to take a break, rest and come back even stronger 💪

Who's tackling the new Fit program? Cannot wait!! Have a great weekend everyone! 🤩