Awesome lower body cardio + cardio type preference?

Hey all!

Id like to bring this one workout to your attention today! Its a 4/5 cardio with Kelli, focusing on the lower body. I did this one instead of the scheduled rest day workout as I felt the need to move more and sweat a lot. This workout has A LOT of squats and their modifications.

I did this one twice in the past as a part of a program, cant remember which one though (havent look precisely when I completed this one). Have you done this one? If so, what were your thoughts?

As for my second question, what is your preferred cardio style? Jogging, cardio workouts such as this one, or HIIT? I think I prefer HIIT, though sometimes I crave something like this.

Have a great day everyone and Im looking forward to your answers! :)

Edit: link to the video