2021 garden 🌱

Oooh it’s almost time 🌱💚🤗

I’ve got a few...hundred seedlings started, and now I’m just waiting until the chance of frost passes to plant them outside. I can’t wait to pull fresh food out of the ground/off of the branch and shove it straight into my mouth! And if we lived close enough to one another, you can bet I would be trying to leave fresh fruit & veggies on your porch 😅

We’ve never had a garden space so large to work with before and I am over the moon excited. We have always had to bargain and cut out things we want to grow, due to lack of space. Not this year! I would tell you what I was growing but I think that it would be easier to list the things that I am not growing at this point lol - The two garden pics are new garden space (huge & mostly untended, last fall) vs our old garden 🤯

Are you growing anything this year? What are you growing? If you’re not planning on it, I highly, highly recommend it. Often times I feel like gardening is a lot like fitness, some people think that it’s just not for them. But just like fitness, growing is for everyone! And we all start somewhere. I dare you to grow something!

Happy Earth day!

PS 10 Days until the new 4 Week FB Fit launches! ➡️ Sunday May 2