Food for thought - april 12th

We have been talking about food, obviously, for the past couple of weeks. How we eat, what we eat, when we eat.. But, we have not yet talked about how we nourish our mind. I have seen some posts about frustration / irritation about lifestyles, food choices, relationships with others. I feel that sometimes as well, we are only human and it happens. But what do you do to make yourself feel good, besides working out?

Since my last yogaclass I have been adding a 3 minute breathing routine to my cooldown. It helps get your body back into the parasympathetic nerve system which helps you rest, digest and heal (more info here: I am not doing this workout, but sitting with my legs crossed, breathing for 3 minutes. The goal is to get your breathing rate down to 6 breaths per minute (or lower).

Besides this breathing exercise, I read a lot, I try do be mindfull on my walks and laughing really helps as well to keep a good mood.

Also: my husband and son are out, so I am turning on netflix and watch a show while I fold my towels.. It is weirdly relaxing..