Weekend Check In👻 Saturday, April 10

Good morning/afternoon/evening beautiful Blendfriends💛

How are you? Welcome to Saturday!

I hope it's treating you kindly.

I have a smallest (I've ever seen) green spider for you today. While ago I was sitting outside and I noticed a very small green dot on my white pants! I thought it's a piece of grass or something. When I looked closer I saw it's moving! And when I zoomed it through my phone camera I was amazed; a perfect beautiful spider!!

They're called green lynx. Their venom is not deadly but painful and might cause some rash and swelling. They use these guys in cotton crops to kill some of the pests but they also can prey on beneficial ones like honey bees.

I wish I could show you the video I took of it! It's amazing how this very small creature moves so cleverly!! It even looked up at me😁🤭. Not lying, got a little scared while filming. I'll share more pictures on reply from when I transferred it to the floor.

Alright, enough of spiders, let's move on to some spider moves. How your calendars look like today blenderbuddies? Or perhaps it's waiting for you to fill it up?

For me, it's gonna be Flex day 5 and the last day of the first week of Booty/Flex challenge that we're doing together with my buddy Anne. But I'd love to hear from you too. Please share how your FB day looks like if you like to.

And as we have to eat, well mostly we want to too😁, let's talk about the delicious part/very important part of our fitness journey. Question is that how often you use FB healthy recipes? Are there any that you really liked and has become part of your regular menu at home? To answer this myself, I have tried a handful of them and my favorite so far is:


But I made it only once. I should make it again and again.

But tonight I'm making shrimp cilantro stew with rice. I usually go traditional on Saturdays. Can't wait to read your delicious part of day😋

Alright my Blendies, I'm gonna let you go now. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing. I hope you have an as nice as possible Saturday and weekend. Please take care🌸👻🌼🕷🍃

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