New 2 Week FB Abs Challenge! Free with Plus & available for purchase

Good morning FB Family, how is everyone doing today?

Are you all ready for a new challenge? We've just launched a brand new FB Abs! How many of you have completed any of the FB Abs programs before? They are intense, sweaty, and fun! You can read all about this new challenge here: 2 Week FB Abs Challenge

This 2-week challenge comes with FB Plus at no extra charge, but if you are not an FB Plus member you can still get in on the fun with the purchasable version of this program (like all of our other programs, it's yours to keep and reuse if you choose to purchase). It's also important to note that the FB Plus version of this program comes with extra content and options scattered throughout the two weeks.

We are trying something new and wanted to make this new challenge available to our entire audience (similar to when we launched FB Complete).

You can see all of the different FB Challenges that we have done so far - What challenge should we do in the month of May? Should we make it an intense challenge, or a lighter one, to slow down a bit? Maybe something in between? I know that on our wish list, we have everything from very intense/advanced, to relaxing stretching, kettlebell to pure Pilates, only bodyweight to more traditional lifting, etc. Please share your ideas with us - we are always listening to your feedback!

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Soon we are going to be launching a free 5 part special on fight or flight, and the parasympathetic nervous system - wildly interesting and helpful knowledge for everyday life. Do not miss that!

On a related note - we are introducing a Team page soon, so that you can learn more about us, our Experts, our Trainers, and the passionate team behind FB. We are really excited to share that with you (and, really excited to have a team!),

Have a great day FB Family!