10000 Minutes with FB💪

I've hit 10000 minutes with FB today! (Strictly speaking I must have reached it earlier as I started using calendar a few weeks after I was first introduced to FB, but what's not on record is non-existence, right?) I'm proud of myself that I've been pretty consistent for these last 8 months or so. 5+ days per week and 52 mins per day on average are quite satisfactory stats to me😁 In 10000 mins, I've completed FB Fit R1, R2, and six FB Plus Challenges (Fit, 5-Day, Burn, You Choose x2, and Short and Sweet.)

10000 minutes translates to 6.94 full days. Even though < 7 days sounds like nothing on a lifetime scale the impact it has had on me is massive. I've become much stronger both physically and mentally💪 Thank you FB! Please be here forever so that I can celebrate 100000 minutes and more with you too!

BTW the workout I was in at the moment of 10000 mins was this: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/all-strength-upper-body-workout-upper-body-muscle-building-workout. This was chosen just because it was one of the only two UB workouts that made the tally precisely 10000, and it turned out to be a nice Bored-Easily-type workout that really flew by. Two hours after finishing this and another 30 min-long UB+yoga workout my arms are already sore!! Today I was glad to find myself capable of lifting 15.3 lbs per hand for three sets of bicep curl, while my previous go-to had been 12 lbs for months. Can't wait to see where I will be after another 10000 minutes with FB.