Slow and gentle Day 4

Hello everyone!

It is Day 4 of Slow and gentle routine, it is once again lower body (+core) focused and this time with a nice 15 minute pilates workout!

I did this routine an hour or so after breakfast and before I got very sedentary for the day. I decided to start my Recovery routine as well, with Day 2 being pilates as well, so I will complete the second workout in the evening (Day one is actually a workout I have planned for tomorrows Slow and gentle routine, so...). Both of these routines are slow and low impact, so I figured I might as well do them both, as Im being way too sedentary at home office.

So far, Slow and gentle consists of these workouts:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

There are two more days of this week left before a one rest day and then there will be another similarly structured week of gentle workouts. :)

How do you find pilates workouts? Do you like them, love them or it isnt just your cup of tea? I personally have my ups and downs with pilates, I love it in combination with HIIT and strength workouts and by themselves they are not my favourite, but now Im thankful for them.

Have a great day everyone!