Community Discussion Policy Reminder

Hi Fitness Blender family,

We hope that everyone is doing well today, and maybe even planning something fun/relaxing for the upcoming weekend.

We wanted to acknowledge that there have been several questions recently about what is and is not allowed in the Community, so we figured it may be a good time to highlight the Discussion Policy.

As we say there:

“We work hard to make our community a judgment-free environment where you can lean on each other for support, insight, and inspiration -- whether it’s a question you need answered, a milestone you’ve achieved, or a new healthy recipe you’ve found. But before you get involved in our Community, please keep our house rules in mind.”

We absolutely love our Community and think that it is truly one of the most positive, encouraging, and dare we say "fun" places on the internet.

We want to let the Community “run itself” and be as organic as possible, but please take some time to review the Discussion Policy and try to be careful not to post things that run counter to this. We have an important “do” and “don’t” list, which we hope is pretty easy to understand and follow.

We’re always happy to address questions or concerns. If you would like to message us directly, please fill out the Contact Us form or send a message to

Thanks in advance, everyone!

Fitness Blender Team