Discussion Policy

Fitness Blender Community House Rules

Thanks for being part of our Fitness Blender Community! You are among tens of millions of other people around the world improving their overall health and fitness. We work hard to make our community a judgment-free environment where you can lean on each other for support, insight, and inspiration -- whether it’s a question you need answered, a milestone you’ve achieved, or a new healthy recipe you’ve found. But before you get involved in our Community, please keep our house rules in mind:


  • Be respectful: We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying, hate speech, and body shaming. Comments that degrade any race, religion, gender, age, or abilities are unacceptable. Such comments will be removed immediately and will likely lead to the closing of your account.
  • Support each other:  Our community is here for you to help each other! There’s nothing worse than opening your heart to others and getting no response whatsoever. Help us ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and acknowledged. Even just a few words of encouragement can make a huge difference! Plus, there is almost nothing more rewarding than taking the time to offer a few words of encouragement to others who need it.
  • Debate civilly: We know you’re passionate about your health and fitness, but keep in mind that what works for you may not work for everyone. We expect any disagreements to be handled calmly and without disparagement. 
  • Keep your personal information private: Protect your personally identifiable information, like your home address, phone number, email address, or credit card information.
  • Post your own content: You can only upload your own photos and content you’ve created, content you have explicit permission to use, or content that falls within “fair use.”  Posting other people's work as if it is your own is copyright infringement. We reserve the right to delete content that infringes on anyone’s intellectual property rights, misrepresents a relationship with any person or organization, encourages others to commit unlawful acts, or is unlawful in any way. In other words, you alone are responsible for the content of your messages – and any consequences.


  • Be cruel, hostile, or aggressive: There is no justification for being threatening, derogatory, or menacing to anyone in our community. You may not submit content that is abusive, defamatory, indecent, or harassing. Hate speech may result in your account being closed without warning. A single and/or repeated violation(s) of community guidelines may result in your account being closed without warning. In this instance, any programs purchased will be forfeited with no opportunity for refund. This is a worldwide community; please be respectful and open to diversity.
  • Promote or sell products: Our community is for sharing information and ideas; it is not an advertising platform and we do not allow promotion of products or sales of any kind (including, but not limited to, fitness products). Unwanted commercial content will be removed immediately. We reserve the right to reject posts that direct readers to third-party websites.
  • Identify specific content included in paid programs: We want you to be excited to share your progression through Workout Programs and FB Plus Workout Challenges, and to coordinate with other members to complete workouts together, but we also need to keep the composition of paid content protected. You should not post sequencing of workouts included in paid content, including video title or URL in conjunction with particular days (e.g. “today I completed this 15 Minute Bodyweight Cardio workout as day 5 of FB Blend.”).
  • Use or promote the use of Ad Blocker software: Our ability to offer content at no cost to as many people as possible depends on many factors, including our ability to run ads on our website and YouTube channel. By using, or suggesting use of, ways to bypass our ads (such as the use of ad blocker software), you harm Fitness Blender and our ability to keep so much content free for as many people as possible. We will immediately disable any discussion suggesting the use of ad blocker software.
  • Disseminate third-party surveys, polls, questionnaires, or other online research tools: Our community is not meant as a platform to solicit information for third parties, such as businesses, organizations, educational institutions, government entities, the media, etc. and Fitness Blender cannot ensure that survey research is legitimate or that private information will be protected by third-party entities.
  • Impersonate anyone: By participating in our community, you agree not to impersonate any other person or entity, whether actual or fictitious, including an employee or consultant of Fitness Blender. You also may not use an inappropriate member name of any kind. 
  • Post repetitive messages: It is critical that we keep our community spam-free and therefore do not tolerate excessive posting of the same message in the same forum, or across multiple forums. 
  • Use profanity: This is a PG environment. There are many ways to express frustration (or excitement) without having to curse, such as using descriptive words or emojis. Masking obscenities by not spelling out the entire word (e.g. "d*mn") is deemed to be equivalent as the actual objectionable word. Posts with profanity will be removed immediately when identified.

Help Us Help You

We are thrilled to help tens of millions of people live healthier and happier lives! To maintain the vitality of such a large community, it is important that we maintain a respectful environment for all. We watch our community closely, but we also rely on you -- the members of our community -- to help us keep it safe. If you see something in our forums, blog, or social media that you believe violates these guidelines, please let us know immediately. 

Violation Procedures

To report an abuse, view the post and click “…” to the right. A pop-up window will display where you’ll be able to tell us what’s wrong. When you report an abuse, it will be kept anonymous. Reporting something doesn't guarantee that it will be removed. The consequences for violating our Community Standards vary depending on the severity of the violation, and we reserve the right to close any account at any time.