New Plus Workout & Features + New 2 Week FB Abs Challenge in April

Good morning, how is everyone today?

We are waking up to some beautiful sunshine, which feels amazing after months and months of grey skies. We're feeling optimistic for a good week and hope you are too.

I've just published a new FB Plus workout:
Upper Body Strength Workout: Strength Training Sets with a Bored Easily Twist

This upper body workout allows us to challenge different aspects of strength in a single workout. The traditionally performed strength set (A) allows us to focus on pure strength and lifting power. The second set (B) is the same exercise with a twist, to challenge muscle strength, and also force us to coordinate the movements of each side of the body and stabilize the core, benefiting the mind, body, and mind-body connection. The wild card set (C) is a fun, complimentary exercise to help add an extra burnout round, add novelty, and mix things up.

I loved filming this workout. I challenged myself but it felt really good and made me feel strong. I hope you enjoy it too.

April Challenge Theme
Heads up that the FB Plus Challenge theme for April is 2 Week FB Abs - we are looking forward to sharing some great new core workouts that will be part of this new challenge.

Surprise video coming ūü§ę
Later this week, we'll be releasing a different kind of Plus video - a video unlike anything that we've ever done before, and we're really excited to share. This one you can watch with your feet kicked up, relaxing.

New FB Plus features launching soon
In the very near future, you're going to have an incredibly useful new feature: for every workout that you tackle here onsite, you'll be able to customize the difficulty and the duration of your workout. These (now completely personalized) statistics will show up under your Workout Statistics & Trackers. Look for a sneak peek in the comments below.

With this feature, you'll be able to track your actual exertion level, instead of the default difficulty we have assigned each workout. And, if you finish 25 minutes of a 45 minute workout - you can also track that. This means that you can click the dash on any workout video and see your history with that workout, as well as how difficult it felt to you over time, and how much of the workout you have completed, over time.

As you can see, it's going to be an exciting week around here! We will keep you updated as new launches roll out.

Have a great day FB Family.

Kelli & Daniel