Fitness Blender Giveaway – March 3, 2021

This week's Giveawahy is complete. Check here to see the winners.

Fitness Blender family,

Happy, happy Wednesday! Are you ready for this week's Giveaway?

If you are, you know what to do—just answer the question(s) in bold here. We do need your answer in the comments below for it to count (it has to be in this same thread for us to track entries, so please respond here only). We’ve asked variations of this question before, but...

** If you had to pick just one, what would you say is your ultimate favorite way to train? What about your second favorite? Are there training styles that you really don’t love, but keep around anyways because you know they’re good for your body? **

Bonus points if you know where these questions came from today.

Just kidding about the bonus points comment, since our winners are chosen at random. But, if you are chosen (at random) as a winner, you’ll receive a Fitness Blender eGift Card, which can be used to purchase Workout Programs, our calendar-based Meal Plan, or FB Plus subscriptions.

As usual, the Giveaway will be live for 24 hours, so get your answers in. We’ll post our six (6) winners right back here on the Community page.

Best of luck, everyone!

Fitness Blender Team