Low Impact R2 complete

First off, the program complete confetti is awesome :)

Today I finished Low Impact round 2. I really enjoyed this program. It was great for those dark days earlier this month, when I do not feel like getting up early.. Anything jumpy that time of year is just too much, so I decided to tackle that by doing LI.

I did all the jump motions (if there were any in the video) LI, but with attention on form and speed. I liked the amount of strength and toning workouts in the program.

LI definetly is not the same as easy, for those of you that still think you need to jump to make a workout hard..

I only substituted one day, because my body was asking for a break.

Next up is FB Complete, but first the PNF stretching routine on sunday. Curious about that one.

Thanks once again Kelli and Daniel for providing awesome workouts and programs. You, and the team, are lifesavers!