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Good Morning FB Family!

How is everyone today? Are you working out today or taking it easy? Do you have any fun meals planned?

We've got some new Expert reads for you, all written by a doctor of physical therapy:

Free: Pregnancy (Part 1): Everything You Need To Know About Exercising While Pregnant

FB Plus: Why You Get Shin Splints So Easily and What To Do About It

How Does Your Brain See Your Body? The Homunculus Explained

We now have a physical therapist and 2 registered dietitians on our team, so if there's a question or topic you would like to see us cover, let us know!

This upcoming Monday, we'll be publishing the new 2 Week FB Flex Challenge. I'm planning on tackling this one along with the FB Booty Challenge that we launched last month. It should be a fun, strength heavy challenge and I'm looking forward to it. Anyone want to join me? 😃

Enjoy these new Expert articles and let us know what you might like to see next!