Best FLAB REDUCING workouts

Good morning from the Pacific Northwest, about 45 minutes from Mt. Rainier in a little town named Enumclaw, Washington. I'm new to FB but not new to the videos - I've loved them for a long time.

I need some advice. I am 54, a decent weight, but I'm losing muscle tone and getting flabbier. Fully menopausal + more sedentary for the past Pandemic year. All my jeans are TIGHT. I have gained about 2 lbs by what the scale is but I don't feel in shape or toned at all. I know the problem(s) now to a SOLUTION!

I bought my first FB Workout program - FB Low Impact Round 2 - Build Muscle & Burn Fat - 40 Minutes or Less. It's a bit confusing. I missed a couple days and I'm having a hard time figuring out if I should make up those days or go by what the calendar tells me to do and forget about the ones I missed?

Also, the workout doesn't feel "hard" enough even if I add bands and commit to going all out. Should I bag it and pick another one? How do I pick one that will challenge me more? It's a bit of a quandary of riches with so many programs and work outs to choose from!

My goals are 1) Sweat every time; 2) Lift as heavy as I can; 3) Get rid of FLAB!

Thanks for your advice!