New Hip...New Knee...customized workout??

I’ve had a full hip replacement, and my doctor and physical therapist have released me to “normal activities”, 3 months post surgery.

It would be great to have workouts that were tailored to those of us with new joints...it’s so common these days.

As an example of my struggle: many of your workouts quickly go back/forth between standing exercises and sitting exercises. The up and down is killer on my hip, it takes me much longer to transition, and I lose exercise time (and energy) as a result. I long for a program that limits that up/down, doesn’t include hip flexor stretches - a no-no for now, but still pushes me to move and challenge myself enough to progress. Going up/down once during the workout would be fine...or providing additional transition time between that change would also address this. Some exercises/stretches...anything from standing to hand-supporting me (think downward dog) are also a challenge due to limited range of motion in the hip. I use a little bench as my “floor” when I can. I’m sure you are getting the idea, and those with new knees have their own specific challenges as well.

For now, I’m doing what I can within the existing workouts. I do love your content.

Thank you for considering the suggestion.