Teacher/Mom of 4 BOYS ready to get fit!

Hello! I thought I'd just take a minute to create my first post and make my new membership more "official."

My name is Brandi, and I'm a 20-something-year-old working mom of 4 boys from East Texas. I had previously been a member of a certain other fitness company that I won't name, but I'm sure most could guess it. I absolutely loved the workout programs it offered, but the business model was super scammy, and I decided I didn't really want to give any more of my money to them. I have tried the FB workouts on YouTube and I just love that I can support the lovely kind personable people that started FB rather than a greedy manipulative MLM company (not shaming MLM companies in general, just my personal experience with this one!).

Since my membership ended with that company months ago and I haven't exercised since... I have some catching up to do!

Anyway, I'm super excited to try the FB Plus membership out for a month and already have a workout program scheduled to begin tomorrow, bright and early! I'm looking forward to it!