Little Changes Add Up

As I'm planning to start Booty Challenge next week, I decided to take a before pic, just to remember that I have another set of "before". 😅Naturally, I did the comparison between the two. They are taken 3 months apart.

What can I say? Little changes add up. 👌 Being consistent in your workout regime. Being mindful of your movement. And of course - diet. In my case, I only made one change, but over time, it made a huge difference. Not only visible one, but how I feel as well. 😊

I'm drinking fewer calories, meaning I mostly drink water and tea, instead of overindulging in sodas, juices, and fizzy drinks. I still drink them, but up to twice per week and not more than one can at a time. 🥤😉

Results usually take more time and they never come fast enough, right? 😏 However, if you keep on working towards your goals, you'll start to see little changes, and although, they may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things - they actually are.👍

They will inspire you to keep pushing yourself because you can see that your hard work is making a difference. This will only lead to more changes, which eventually add up to huge results. 💪😎

So remember this, the next time you see one of these small changes. You’ve shown yourself that change is within your control. That’s empowering!😍 And it’s all because of one small change.

P.S. I'm just putting this link for my reference, my starting point. I was going on and off between those two pics for a while until I lost my progress, especially in terms of toning. I think I'm on the right track again. 👌