Humor Me

As promised, here I am. On right my before & on left after - halfway through my goal which is to complete 3 FB Programs in a row (not necessarily in 12 weeks). Last time I managed to finish 3 Programs was two years ago and it was Reach 3x, alongside Burn and Strong, but I ditched those two in the middle. That is the reason behind 3 Programs, it is as far as I've gone in the past. πŸ˜…

When talking about the past, I am a gold medal gymnastic and karate winner in my state (more than a decade ago) and always have been athletic & active, since a very young age. It all went downhill a while ago (a story for another time), mostly because the nurse job happened (and still is). This time I started with Burn, and now I'm two weeks in Strong & Reach. After finishing them, taking a break – finally going on a vacation and looking forward to doing nothing at all. Then I'll combine Booty & Flex. 🀞

When starting a fitness journey again, I decided not to go against myself. I embraced myself, me being a dessertarian I mean. I'm on no diet. I know eating clean or cleanish is not for me, at all. No way. I love food too much and enjoying sweets – they make me so happy!😜

But No.1, why I came back to fitness, is me feeling joyless. It was an absolute imperative to bring joy back into my life – humor helps me on this journey. When I put my funny glasses, I can find joy even in struggles. Thanks to every one of you who laughs with me & at me. 😍

Don't think I don't have a piece of vanity in me. But it wasn't related to weight, no. People used to say that I'm a real-life Rapunzel. I have long natural blonde hair and baby skin. But both became dull and unalive. Bringing those back as well. 😊

Don't dwell on me not being on a diet, not owning a scale anymore, not taking any measurements. We're all different. In my case, I believe my body remembers being active, so it is cooperative with my plan. Also, genetics plays a role as well. Of course, I would have better results if I incorporate clean eating, but it is not who I am.

After all, remember that your body can stand almost everything – it is your mind that needs to be convinced. It can be very difficult to change your mindset from whining to joy, from comparison to gratefulness, but don't forget FB Family is here. I love this community, so will you.❀

Workout not because you hate your body, but because you love it. Ask yourself – what if this actually works? And just start moving!

Stay tuned. I'll be back. 😎