FB Fit review!

Hello everyone!

Today is next to last day of FB Fit, I have one more light recovery workout scheduled for tomorrow which I want to do first thing in the morning and then prepare for my day. I wont have time to do a review tomorrow, so I decided to do it today.

Well, FB Fit is a very intense program as many of you know, it has a great deal of HIIT/cardio and a lot of days are cardio or HIIT combined with strength training, to get the maximum out of the certain muscle group for the day. It really does the trick if you have time for longer workouts :)

First two weeks there are beginner options provided, and after that the intensity increases up to the first 1000 cal workout somewhere around the middle of the program. After a few recovery days it keeps preparing you for the second 1000 cal workout. After that there is one remaining week of workouts, with slowly decreasing intensity.

I did not take any measurements/photos/weight specifically to track my progress, and frankly, Im glad. I had a ton of work in January and I had to slow down with FB Fit and Im happy I listened to my body and mind and took my time with it, without any regrets of slowing down progress. I can proudly say (tomorrow :D) that I completed one of the most challenging programs on FB and I pushed my limits a little bit further, both in my strength and endurance for longer workouts. From the second half of this program I was looking forward to the end of it, 8 weeks is quite a long time for one program, so Im gonna stick to 4 week ones for a while :)

Whats next? I want to explore FB plus challenges, I might go with Bored easily challenge first, starting Monday :)

Do you have any experience with FB Fit? Good or bad? Let me know :)

Thank you for reading this and stay safe everyone!