Starting the FB#Mass and Meal Plan

Hey everyone!

Nick here based in Germany (originally from UK). I’m very excited to have started the FB#Mass and Meal Plan yesterday! 🤩

I’ve been doing FB workouts on YouTube for a while now and wanted to give a structured workout and meal plan a try. I seem to have gotten to a point where I’m not seeing as much progress in my weight loss/muscle building goals. Is anyone else here currently doing the FB#Mass programme?

Yesterday was the first day and the recipes are just delicious 😋. It’s very exciting to try out new meals and also eating foods that I wouldn’t usually buy. I felt like I was eating all day 😅.... not that I’m complaining!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to the FB community and to say a big thank you to Daniel and Kelli for all their wonderful and encouraging videos, help and tips. Already I’ve seen a big boost in my body confidence and the workouts really help me combat stress from work.

Right, better get stuck in to day two’s workout videos! 🥳

All the best, Nick