January and Programs Complete

So it's almost 10.30pm here and I've just completed the FB Flex and FB Booty R2 combo. I loved it and I feel so much stronger! If any of you want a challenge, go try this combo!

I've decided not to schedule a program for February, because I want my main focus to be on my nutrition. I've really let this slip lately; I'm teaching remotely from home and my partner is also studying full time remotely for his Master's degree - so after 8+ hours of staring at screens it often feels easier to order takeout or go to the shop for a ready meal or snacks instead of cooking!

So my goal for February is to do less of that, and get my eating back on track, staying within my calorie goals and making healthy choices.

I can then do my own workouts of choice each day to go with that, which I love as it's a chance to try out some of the new videos Kelli and Daniel have given us lately!